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What to expect

Initial Consultation

An initial appointment focuses on understanding your main health concerns, their underlying causes, and how this affects you as a whole.  It can be useful to have a copy of any recent blood tests from your doctor (within the past six months) and a list of current medications or supplements that you are taking for this consultation.  This appointment goes for approximately 30 - 60 minutes and includes a holistic treatment plan for you to implement over the next two to four weeks.

Follow-Up Consultations & Treatments

Subsequent sessions review your progress and determine how your healing is integrating across the three main dimensions of body, mind and spirit.  Any additional remedies or therapies are added progressively to strengthen your self-healing capacity.  Meditation and energy balancing techniques can also be included to promote relaxation and inner harmony. 


  • Short naturopathic consultation (30 min) $60 AUD

  • Standard naturopathic consultation (60 min) $110 AUD

Incense Aromatherapy
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