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Aromatherapy Lavender

Essential oil blends for promoting physical and emotional wellbeing

Aromatherapy uses essential oils derived from different parts of a plant, such as roots (ginger, vetiver), leaves (thyme, eucalyptus), flowers (jasmine, rose), bark (cedarwood, sandalwood), or resin (frankincense, myrrh).  These volatile oils are used to enhance the treatment of physical conditions and promote psychological wellbeing.  Essential oils can be blended into preparations for a variety of uses including inhalation (vaporization, bath or steam) and  topical applications (massage oils, creams or body lotions).

Essential oils, carrier or massage oils and infused oils need to be kept in air-tight bottles away from heat and light.  Some carrier oils, such as sunflower, sesame or flaxseed (linseed) oil need to be kept refrigerated.  Massage oils are best stored in progressively smaller bottles as the volume of the oil goes down to reduce the amount of oxygen exposure to the oils.

Vaporization is one of the more popular ways of using essential oils around the home.  The aroma can purify the air and create a welcoming, uplifting environment.  Ultrasonic diffusers are recommended, as the water temperature inside the diffuser remains cool and avoids a potential burn injury to children or pets.  These devices also have an auto turn-off feature, so they can be used at night time with a calming essential oil blend and will automatically shut down once the water level is too low.  The recommended amount of drops for a room does depend on its size, but generally 2-3 drops is a good place to start.  Blends helping the relief of stress, headaches and respiratory problems can benefit from this method.

Aroma creams or body lotions are another effective way to use the healing properties of essential oils.  A blend of oils are mixed into a base cream and applied to local areas of skin to encourage their absorption.  Essential oil combinations can be chosen to reduce pain, increase metabolism, relieve physical or mental fatigue or improve skin tone.

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