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Honeysuckle Flower Remedy
Bach Flower Remedies

Vibrational essences for emotional support and mental clarity

Dr Edward Bach, an English physician, was the founder of this gentle system of emotional healing.  It uses plant remedies to gently lift and resolve mental or emotional blocks and encourage the development of a corresponding positive outlook.  Bach used seven different categories to describe the range of healing his remedies focused on:

  1. For fear

  2. For uncertainty

  3. For insufficient interest in present circumstances

  4. For loneliness

  5. For those over-sensitive to influence and ideas

  6. For despondency or despair

  7. For over-care for welfare of others


Personalized blends of the 38 remedies are prepared in a dosage bottle (25ml) and contain three to six flower essences in a base of spring water and brandy.  The recommended dose is 4 drops in 1 tbsp of water or juice four times daily.  The dose can be held in the mouth for about a minute before swallowing to enhance its healing properties.


The dosage bottle needs to be stored in a cool, dark place away from aromatherapy oils.  It is important not to touch the remedy solution or the dropper with your fingers when dispensing the drops, otherwise the remedy may become less effective.

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