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Bach Rescue Remedy
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

For sudden shocks, distress & apprehension


Rescue remedy is made up of the five flower remedies Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry plum, Rock rose and Clematis.  This combination is used to counter the effects of shock or sudden bad news, a family argument, a difficult work meeting or interview, or taking an exam.  The remedy is suitable for any situation where a person is left feeling uptight, afraid, confused or panicked.   Rescue remedy restores emotional balance and calmness in these circumstances.  

For immediate use or during an emergency, place four drops from the stock bottle in a small glass of water or juice and sip frequently.  Rescue Remedy can also be given to pets and other animals to support the healing from shock or trauma.  Four drops can be added to their food or drinking water.


This five flower remedy can also be applied to plants after gardening.  If a shrub or tree has been transplanted, add 10 drops to a watering can and water around the roots of the affected plant for a couple of days.  A spray bottle with some Rescue Remedy can be used to mist the foliage as well.

The specific indications of each flower essence in Rescue remedy is summarized below:


For mental tension accompanying frustration, clumsiness due to being hasty, irritability

Star of Bethlehem

For shock, sudden bad news, accidents

Cherry Plum

For loss of emotional control, desperation, or feeling like on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Rock Rose

For terror from a near escape or an accident, nightmares


For preoccupation, lack of focus in the present moment, day-dreamers

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